Thursday, September 6, 2012

UFO's, nora jean helps, business cards

September 6, 2012

hi everyone! it's been about 3 weeks since i blogged but i've been kind of bummed. is anyone out there reading this? i do love to write about things so i've decided to keep doing this. i'm also going to do a little more advertising. there are so many blogs out there that i don't know how any one finds any one!

i've finally ordered and received my business cards. i really like them but i enlarged the lettering and it doesn't seem to me that they did that. i've written them a note. we'll see how they respond. what do you think of them? the ones on the left were free! pretty nice, especially for free! i used which ones do you like better? i like them both!

well i've been trying to get my ufos under control. nora jean has (as usual) been helping me. she's such a big help!!! during this session she spent part of her time sitting on the top of my sewing machine watching the spool of thread. we've had her 11 years and she has always done this but never even attempted (even as a kitten) to put her paws under the needle. smart kitty! i do have to hold her considerable coon sized tail because she likes to flick it in my way as i'm sewing. she seems to like to have me hold it while i sew. what a helper cat she is!

well here are some of my ufo's. when i was working and my boys were in college/high school and things were crazy busy, i finished each project that i started. now i seem to be all over the place. this year, especially with my etsy shoppe up and running i really need to get organized! that will be my goal. the big block in the 2nd row was my attempt to make a "modern" quilt. i loved the block but when i put them all together they just weren't symetrical enough for me. i changed the block and added a plum and green square to an outside edge and now i have them lined up and looking woven. i should have taken a picture of the squares together before i changed them but i didn't think of it! i guess there's no changing the traditional quilter in me. i love some of the modern quilts tho! in the next blog i'll show you the finished product (i hope!).

well, our garden has produced a TON of zucchini and i have been making zucchini bread and zucchini brownies and we've had zucchini almost every night for supper! we're not complaining, we're just happy our efforts produced something! i have a freezer and i'm going to grate up and freeze some of the zucchini this week.
this week i cat, nora jean, zucchini, FINISHED ufos and my business cards. please check out my etsy shoppe some time at and tell me what you think. have a great day and i will too. it's beautiful up here in the white mountains.

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