Thursday, April 26, 2012


i've been working on some aprons as gifts for friends. the bottom one is for my son andrew who sky dives. he asked me to make him one so he could use it to barbeque down at the jump site in style! i think it came out pretty good. the pink one is for my girlfriend who does yoga. altho it's not a fancy apron, i made one for myself and its so comfortable and covers your clothes. the straps don't bother your neck.  the top apron is for a bridal shower gift. i'm making pot holders and i've made a matching apron for the groom. i'll post it some time. how has everyone been? i'm slowly figuring out how to work this blog and its getting easier. i'd love to hear from someone if you're reading my blog. have a great day......i'm going to! nancyb

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

oh my goodness i did it!!!!!

april 17th. tax day
i CANNOT believe that i finally figured out how to add photos. yeah! this is me holding my brother's quilt. the second picture is the quilting i did on it. i have an HQ16 and i love it. i had wanted to make my brother a little more complicated quilt but i bought the material before i picked out the pattern (something i'm always doing) and try as i might i couldn't seem to find a pattern to fit the material (if you know what i mean). so instead i made this simple quilt which is one of my standby patterns and quilted the heck out of it. he loves it. he caught his dog harley trying to take it outside to lay on it so he's put it in his motorhome. a place where his animals are not allowed. he lives in sunny california but the nights get cool and he's using it regularly. well the weather up here is absolutely wonderful today. i have all of the windows open and there's a soft sweet breeze flowing in the windows. i am waiting for my sister to skype me and after we have our daily chat i'll be working on trying to put pictures in my etsy shop. i just finished the cutest apron. it is a 1940s print and honestly it looks wonderful. i made my own binding and it has sort of a scalloped hem to it so it looks very professional and neat. it was fun to do to boot! this is going to a friends son and bride to be for their bridal shower gift. i'm making liam a barbeque apron to match and then potholders. then i'm making the most darling pillowcases out of cream colored kona cotton with a little old fashioned lace and ribbon on the trim. they look really elegant and the nicest thing is that people always rave to me how nicely they hold up after years of use. when i make them i'll post the pictures so that you can see them. well, my sister's calling. have a great day......i'm going to. nancyb

Sunday, April 15, 2012

i've been having a tough time getting my blog site!

i hope everyone had a great easter. we did.i've had a tough time finding my "post" so that i can write to you!'s frustrating! i will succeed tho. the thing is i'm not completely computer illiterate but i think since i retired 3 years ago that i've let the computer world get ahead of me. anyway, that's what i'm going to blame it on for now! i've been busy in my very unfinished studio. i've made some aprons and pillowcases for my etsy shop. (i've signed up for it but still haven't put anything in it yet! one thing at a time!)  i've set up my studio don't have my shelves up so everything is against the walls in buckets. if i haven't explained this before, my husband and i sold our home and moved in with his mother 6 years ago so that we could build this little house on the swift river. we bought 50 acres in 1995 and spent many happy years camping on it. its a great site and although we're up in the mountains we are only 10 minutes from the stores! its the best of both worlds. we are only about 3/4 finished with the house. still so much to do but i try to spend part of my day EVERY DAY sewing or quilting. i don't know if anyone has read my blogs yet but i suppose eventually someone will come across them! i still haven't figured out putting my pictures on the site but i won't give up, i promise! i'll write again in a few days. hope everyone is having a great day. i am.  nancyb