Thursday, November 1, 2012

Who's cuter? Nora Jean, Mr. Evening Grosbeak or my sister?

November 1, 2012

I can't believe it's been so long since i've written! my mom is still hanging in there but was so bad that my sister flew out from wichita kansas for 2 weeks to help me and my mom cope with this. mom has made a feeble recovery for now but still remains pretty frail. it seems my sister's visit really bolstered her spirits and gave her the strength she needed to pull through this latest setback. if anyone wonders how much a visit to a loved one (friend or relative) means take it from me. it really helps. attitude is everything in life. keep a good one and you'll have a happy life.

i need everyone to tell me who they think is the cutest. #1 nora jean took her normal position on a pile of freshly laundered quilts (they were wallhangings and table runners) that i unpacked to use about the house. i left the room for 5 minutes and when i came back she had settled herself in for a nice nap. i have to tell you that she takes her job very seriously and if i (as politely as possible) remove her from the newest project she is totally insulted and sulks for quite a bit of the day. the second picture is of an adorable male evening grosbeak that spent 2 days at our feeder with 3 female grosbeaks. he would catch our eye in the window & tap on it before he hopped over to the feeder. he obviously is used to feeders and people and cats and kept us quite amused while he was here.#3 is my sister laughing at herself. we got up late (7:30!) one day but i insisted that we go by the beautiful covered bridge up the road from us to take pictures. her hair wasn't dry so she kept it in rollers for the 2 hour ride to visit our mother. i assured her that NOONE would care or probably even notice her rollers up here in the north country. we are all very casual. just as we parked our car to take pictures a tour bus of senior citizens pulled up. as people were getting off the bus my sister greeted each with a smile and pointing to her rollers, apologized for the state of her hair. people smiled and walked off to see the bridge.she didn't even realize that she was doing this until i pointed it out to her. she & i and the people getting off of the bus had a good laugh over this. she's going to kill me for putting this picture on the blog but it was too cute not to. besides, i'm her baby sister and she forgives me everything.

i haven't had much time to quilt but am determined to finish this one! this is the front and the backof my still unnamed modern-like? quilt. the back looks kind of like a modern quilt, don't you think? i'm going to try to sandwich it today and start quilting on it tomorrow. i have an hq16 which nora jean loves to sit on while i quilt. i haven't used it for some time and i'm afraid i'm going to be quite rusty.   i promise i'll show you the finished results.

going down to my sewing studio has been so calming for me. i can't wait until i can do a little bit (or a lot!) of sewing every day. in our old house, i had such a nice setup. i was able to just walk in the room and work on a project. some times it was only for a few minutes and other times longer but i didn't feel hurried when i was in my room. it always settled  me. hopefully when my studio is all put together i'll have the same sense of order. the mister and i have been planning how it will be when we start putting the finishing touches on it. it will be a while before it is done but i enjoy just daydreaming about it. one of the nice things about it not being finished is that it gives me time to decide how i want it set up. i don't plan on moving anything once it's done! i really hate decorating! it was nice to have my sister see my space because she does like putting a room together and has had several good ideas for me to follow. well, my bread just beeped and is done. time to get back to my chores.
today i love, my mother, the mister, nora jean and especially my sister who came out here when both our mother and i needed her the most. i love the fact that i didn't think of my sister and i as the same age as the senior citizens getting off of the tour bus.  i also love a good attitude and getting things done! have a great day and i will too! nancyb

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