Thursday, February 14, 2013


Well, i had a very busy but successful week! Paxton seemed to truly love his quilt or was it the junk food we bought him to go in his "man room"? i think he loved both :>}. the quilt looked great on his bed. his grandfather tucked a few 10 dollar bills in the pockets and i tucked a note for him in one of the pockets. the nicest thing about our grands is that if we had given him just a dollar in a card i would have gotten as nice a hug and thank you. they're so sweet!

i have been working on kendall's quilt. i was loving it but all of a sudden it wasn't flowing like at first. after changing the blocks around a few times i made a decision to make her a whole other quilt! i finally figured out what the problem with this quilt was. if you look at the bottom row (not a great picture, sorry!) and see the really dark colors..........they were changing the whole persona of the quilt. i took them out and as you can see from the top picture it is back to look bright and cheerful again. our kendall is a very happy and energetic girl and i want her quilt to reflect that.


while trying to decide if i should make kendall a different quilt i got out 2 unfinished 1930's quilts. these are the colors kendall likes. i put nora jean to the task of choosing which one was better for my granddaughter. nora looked at them for a long time and then went underneath them to check out the backs (boy, she's a tough judge!) and then finally decided on the one i was leaning toward. she settled on it and promptly took a long nap. if you think i'm kidding about her making a decision for me i have to tell you, she almost always naps on the other side of the couch! well, the next day i went back down to my sewing studio and figured out what was really wrong with the quilt i had originally started for kendi. i took out the 6 squares that had the really dark colors in them and i'm back to happily making squares for the first quilt that i started. this episode has a really good ending though because now i want to finish these two 1930s quilts. they'd make great summer quilts for my beds! maybe i'll finish one for my son and daughter in law. i think they're due for a new quilt!

on the homefront, we got a ton of snow and so have been vigilant about keeping our birdfeeder and suets filled. i tried making my own suet cakes and they came out really good. i used the plastic containers from the suets we bought and it made it so easy. we have our deer back and they  are enjoying the deerblocks. this year we are seeing the birds, squirrels and a turkey pecking at the blocks. this last picture is the sunset that we see each evening in our back yard. the outline of the mountain is nh's mount chocorua. i've read where they've minted a quarter with chocorua on it. i've got to get me some!!!

well, today i am ever so grateful for the beauty that surrounds me. i am especially grateful for the mister who bought me yellow roses (i'll tell that story some time), a new cutting board, some quilty basting spray, a magazine, some good and plenty candy and a really cute card for valentine's day. since he has to work today from 6am to 7pm i'm making him a heart shaped meatloaf (i stole this idea from my sister) with baked potato and carrots and raisin filled cookies for dessert. i'll wait to eat until he gets home. we'll open a bottle of wine and we'll eat in front of the tv to watch american idol and i will wait on him hand and foot. yesterday i made him, FROM SCRATCH!, cinnabons for him to take to work today......that way he'll think of me allllllll day. happy valentines to all! nancyb

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