Saturday, May 26, 2012

my etsy shoppe is finally up!

may 26, 2012
i think someone has been reading my blog! i don't know for sure because everytime i go to it to check it counts as someone looking at it:^) i think i'll believe someone is reading this! i finally got going on my etsy shoppe. i only have a few things up on it and have many more to put in there. i'm working on it daily. it is getting easier. this week i made the cutest little kids placemats. one is an I Spy mat. little ones can take it with them when they go out to eat and play i spy while they're waiting for their food. i'm selling that for quite a bit more than the others because there are 50 little fussy cut tumbler blocks sewn together. i've sandwiched them all and quilted them. they look really good! i have a few more ideas for the shoppe but i also have quilts that i want to put in there that are all made. i'll post some pictures but if you want to check out etsy i'm sewing on the swift or nancyb.

how is everyone? the weather here is fabulous. we have been watching the beautiful birds that are all over our back yard. our baby phoebes are already busting out of their nest. there are five of them and are so crowded in the nest that we're waiting for one to tumble out. its cute tho, everytime we go out to check on them mom or dad start chipping away and the babies get very still and don't make a sound. good children! tomorrow we're going to our granddaughters lacrosse game. they are currently in first place and its fun to watch them. they have some really good players on the team. this is the u13 age group.

tonight we're going to the barnstormers theatre in tamworth nh to see the "frost heaves". its a comedy and they've won awards for the show. i'll tell you how it was! well, i've got to go and get cleaned up. we put in our garden today i.e. chip did most of it and wanted to. he's pretty excited about it. he has the green thumb in the family.....i definiteyly do not!!!!  i'm hoping to get some good veggies to can this summer. now that i'm good at!  i'll keep you posted. have a great day and i will too.

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