Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bears and Birds

June 2, 2012

can you believe the year is almost half over? what happens to the time. it just seems to fly by! well, i'm having some progress with my etsy shoppe. i still have more things to put in there and then i really need to do some advertising to get the word out that i have a shop! i have finally gotten up the nerve to contact the material girls which is a quilt group that does mainly charities in my area. they meet twice a month and i'll be going to my first meeting on tuesday. i'll tell you how it goes. the woman i contacted got right back to me and was very helpful and friendly. i think i'm going to like the group. quilters are nice people anyway!

well, we had to take our suet, hummingbird and birdfeeders down. we came back from a moose ride with some friends that had stopped by and discovered our screen on the lower window (RIGHT OUTSIDE MY QUILTING AREA!!!) ripped. we went out and saw the bear tracks. we have the "neighborhood" bear pass through our yard pretty regularly but we figured since the feeders were up so high that we were safe. guess not! the birds have plenty to eat but it was really a lot of fun to watch them. some of them are so comical! i got up the next morning and found the male and female purple finches and a goldfinch in between them staring at me through the window. it was pretty funny. i think the hummingbird feeder was dripping the sweet syrup every time they fed and that drew the bear. we only put that up a week or so ago and within half an hour we had an awesome hummingbird at it! we counted 6 different bear on our property last summer so we're not messing with them. we'll put the birdfeeders up next winter when we're sure the bears are in hibernation.
well, i just tried to put a picture i have of the bird at the window and this is what i got! the red mark at the suet (hanging from the post) is i think the head of the male woodpecker but i'm not sure! i've told you all before...........its a learning process but at least i'm going forward! this is our backyard and goes all the way down to the swift river. it's really pretty no matter what season it is.

well, if anyone is reading this, i would so appreciate a note. i can't tell! have a great day and i will too. nancyb

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