Saturday, February 15, 2014

SJ's dolly dresses, chickens and SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!

February 15, 21014

aren't these dresses absolutely adorable? my great niece, Samantha Jean (my namesake) asked her grandma, my sister, to make them for her. she has the Samantha American girl doll and she also has Molly, which her big sister gave her. she told my sister she needed TWO party dresses, EXACTLY alike, so that when she brought her dolls to her friends houses they could be dressed up. I think my sister outdid herself! my sister lives many states away but "babysits" sammi via the phone when she is home from school. this allows her mother to get things done in the house while my sister amuses her. sammi puts the phone on speaker and goes up to her room and together they play whatever sammi wants. its very cool and a great way for a long distance grandma and granddaughter to get to know each other. sammi is very interested in sewing and crafts. the mister and I had her for a few days this past summer and I was able to give her a few sewing lessons. she is quite talented!
here's sammi at the sewing machine. I started her out by drawing some straight lines on a piece of typing paper and taking the thread out of the machine. I then talked to her and showed her some basics safety measures and then letting her go at it. usually I have to give whomever I'm teaching a few more pieces of paper and more instruction, but sammi just calmly went ahead and followed the lines perfectly. I had her try out the backstitch, the up/down needle and the speed control and she accomplished each the first try. we went right to making pillows and pillowcases for her ag dolls. she was amazing and definitely takes after our maternal side of the family! I can't wait to be able to give her another lesson!
I don't know whether I've told you all about my obsession with chickens. I just think they are so cute! at first I wanted to have chickens up here in northern nh but have realized that I'd just be feeding the fox, fisher cats, coyotes and raccoons that walk through our yard. we catch these animals nightly on our game cameras so we know they're regulars. so I've decided to do the next best thing and collect things with chickens on them. this is my nice new tea mug that I bought at the christmas tree shop. I don't want too much chicken stuff because it will drive the mister crazy but I think he's relieved that I've decided on not buying the real thing right now. he says he still hasn't gotten over the time about 35 years ago that I wanted to get a dog and we talked about it all night and decided not to. he came home from work the next day and our boys were excitedly playing with our new dog. In my defense, nicky (our dog) was a wonderful and loyal pet that we had for 16 years. he really needs to get over these things, don't you think?
sitting under my new chicken mug is my latest ufo project. I am adding 3 rows to what I have done so that it will fit our bed. it will go perfectly in there and I can't wait to finish it. its a real scrappy quilt and I'm using my accuquilt go cutter so its coming along quickly.
this is my view from my sewing machine. I can see the brook to the right and about in the middle is where the deer come by to see if there's anything left of the deer blocks we like to leave out for them. nora jean sleeps in front of my machine. she likes to sew with me but I think she also likes the books on tape that I get from the library. its a comforting place to be and I wish for all of you today to have a nice peaceful place to rest and reflect. today I am grateful for my family. I hope my sister gets over her cold quickly so she can make Samantha jean more ag doll clothes! I'm thankful for my sons who are a blessing to me even though they don't call their mother as often as she would like :>} I am not grateful for all the snow we've been getting....14" yesterday and 4-6 more to come today! I'm not bothered by the snow but the mister is tired of dealing with it. I can't blame him! see you all soon.

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