Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's the Mister's Birthday! projects and its Still cold and snowy here!

March 1, 2014
The Mister and Our New Motorhome!
We went and picked up our new motorhome yesterday. it's a bit smaller than our Minnie was but is perfect for us. we took it for a test drive and we kept hearing a sound like a can rolling back and forth when we would turn a corner. the mister took a panel apart that was under the dining table and there was an extra leg for the dinette rolling around in there! the men must have laid it there when they were putting things together and forgot it. its a good thing the mister is so clever with those things because I would have just put up with the noise. we can't wait to go on a few getaways in it! I don't think this winter is ever going to end. it was minus 5 this morning when we got up and very cold in the house. we are almost out of wood so are using our precious propane. everyone around here is in the same boat. next year we'll make sure we have a bigger supply of wood. when the mister gets his tractor running it'll be put to good use. btw, our neighbor, a nice elderly woman stopped by. she saw the tractor in the yard and asked who we had bought it off. we told her and she smiled and said that it had originally been her husband's and she had sold it to the guy we bought it from! she's going to look to see if there are any spare parts around her place and give them to us. its a small world!!!! well, the mister is having a cold but nice birthday so far. the boys and family are coming up tomorrow for vegetarian spaghetti, homemade bread and salad. they haven't seen the tractor yet and don't know a thing about the motorhome. we can't wait to surprise them!                                          
do you all remember when these potato bags were the rage? well, I made some for gifts and for myself and we all love them. i made two this week. one for our aunt's birthday and one for our new motorhome! if you haven't tried baking a potato in this you've got to try it out. wash the potato, pierce it with a knife and put it in the bag. the bag doesn't close. I've put as much as 4 potatoes in the bag at a time. the more you have in the bag or the bigger the potato, the longer you microwave it. i always start out with 3 minutes. when the beep sounds, i take the sack out, pierce it with a fork to test how much its cooked and then flip the bag over and pierce the other side of the potatoes with a knife. put it back in the microwave for 2-4 minutes and check again using the same process. when they feel done then leave them in the bag while you finish cooking the rest of your supper. they are so tasty! i finally talked my mil through the process one day (she's had hers for 2 years and was afraid to use it). she LOVES it and uses it regularly to cook a potato to go with her supper. there is a special batting to use for these potato bags. i know you can get them online or at joann's. the directions for making one are with it. you don't have to use the potato material. 100% cotton will do fine. i used muslin for the lining. i throw it in the laundry and wash it with the rest of the clothes. this is great for a quick gift. its an easy project and fun.

i totally forgot to even mention valentines day on my last post! this is a wall hanging that i made several years ago. i got it off the site. i think the pattern is still on the site. I love it and it looks festive! i used it for a table runner this year instead of hanging it on the wall. the mister and i went out to a restaurant we had been curious to try and had a lovely seafood dinner. it was a fun day.

this is another of my ufo's I've been working on. it is 96" X 104". i am not piecing the backing like i did with son Andrew's quilt. I'm going to go to joann's with my trusty coupon and get 3.5 yards of backing material. i have got to stop making these large quilts! they are so hard to put together! this one is staying with us. it goes nicely with our bedroom walls and furniture. I've got one more large quilt to finish and then i'll stay away from them for a while.
i will close with nora jean fixing herself up to take a nice afternoon nap on the new quilt. she feels it is her solemn duty to put her kitty love in everything i make. she's such a helper cat! well, that's it for now. today i love, love, love the mister. i hope his birthday is as wonderful as he is. happy quilting, nancyb

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