Thursday, August 28, 2014

Where's Nora Jean? & the Common Threads Quilt Show

August 4, 2014


as you all must know by now we think a lot of our cat nora jean. we went to Kansas in june to visit my sister and brother in law. their house is VERY large and nora just loved it. i was at their kitchen table enjoying my tea when the mister came in. nancy.........come here quick.......see if you can find nora!!!!     can you find her?  i'll do a "reveal" at the end of this blog.

 here's my sister and me at the common threads quilt show. our guild "the prairie quilt guild" has this show every 2 years. it is a wonderful and large show. my sister and i were ready for it in our matching outfits (we love to do that. it reminds us of our younger days). we go for all 3 days.
 this year i entered my wall quilt titled "my red Mexican star". i was hoping for a ribbon and boy was i surprised to see a blue one!!!! honestly, i couldn't stop smiling! the mister found the quilt first and wouldn't let me see it until he had the camera ready. i knew when he did that i had won something but there are so many gorgeous quilts in this show i never expected first place. i remember thinking "ooh, maybe i got a 2nd place!" I've written before about having your quilts judged. if i hadn't won any ribbon i would have been okay with it and been able to get a helpful critique from the judge(s). i do have to say though, that it felt GREAT to win a blue ribbon!!! I've loved this quilt since i made it, but now i really love it! :>}
this is mayleen. i met her when she was on the membership committee and i first joined the guild. i think we immediately took a liking to each other. since i don't know too many members i was especially thrilled when i saw her quilt win the grand prize! it is absolutely stunning! there is a bit of every technique in this quilt and it is so exquisitely done. on top of that i was raving to my sister about the selvage edge items in the show. (there were two quilts and several pocketbooks made totally from selvage edges.) well, there was mayleen wearing her selvage edge skirt she made. she had also entered a quilt and a pocketbook made from selvedges! the skirt was really cool and she wore it because she gave a demonstration on making things with selvage edges. i knew that mayleen was a nice person but i didn't know she was this talented too! she is running for president this year and i can't think of a nicer person to lead this guild.                                                                           
 CONGRATULATIONS Mayleen, I'm honored to know you!


my sister is standing next to her "little fire cracker" wall hanging (its by her left shoulder) and my hand is on the table runner that i made. we donated them to the common threads auction. 100% of the money goes to the guilds projects. the main one is working with school children. last year they bought several sewing machines with the money raised from the auction. they have a real auctioneer who donates his time and it is so much fun to watch. they had over 90 items to auction off! we made patriotic things this year since it was so close to the 4th of july. my sister's little wall hanging went for $45 and my table runner went for $75! we were both happy that they sold, especially to a cause we heartily endorse.

at first, we couldn't figure out how nora got up there! we went upstairs to the balcony overlooking the living room and there she was. it was only a small hop through the banister and with her tail held high she calmly walked by us and disappeared into the master suite. she of course, being  nora jean, main coon cat extraordinaire, thought that was where she was supposed to sleep.

well, i have much, much more to say but will do it another day. today i am thankful for my sister and brother in law, who are really such wonderful hosts. we had a great time with them. i am also thankful that our garden is doing great - so far! and of course i love, love, love  nora jean and the mister. talk to you all soon, nancyb



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