Saturday, September 6, 2014

camping, yard saling and quilting!

hi everyone!
i have been such a busy person of late. I'm not sure i'll get everything i want to say in. who says retirement is time for rest and reflection!!! the first thing i want to show you is my new purchases. I've decided i want to have a working treadle machine. thank you bonnie hunter for putting that idea in my head! i used to use my grandmother's waaaaay back in the day. i remember thinking nothing of plopping down and sewing away with whatever thread was in it. here's what I've found....
isn't she a beauty! the mister cleaned it up for me, i oiled it and then i took it down to our local quilt shop. neal, part owner/sewing guru put a new spring on it, a belt and straightened the wheel out. it sews beautifully! it is so heavy that I've named her annie (as in 2 ton annie). according to what I've learned from the Husqvarna site (they own white), my own research and neal we've all decided that its not a white sewing machine but a singer 15-91 that singer made for white. except for the decals there is no difference in the design. i got this beauty, with the table for $35 at the habitat for humanity yard sale! good deal wouldn't you say???                                                                                              

the next purchase was at the brimfield antique show in brimfield ma. i got this treadle base for $40 and this singer for $10! the sewing machine is already set up for a treadle and i love the decals on it. to my surprise there were quite a few treadle bases at the show (there were over 5,000 booths). the latest rage is to take the treadle base and make a table or lamp out of it. we saw many already made and these items were pulled apart to do just that. how sad!!!! i hope i can put her together to make her into a treadle. i haven't named her yet, i have to stare at her for a while and decide what she looks like. she's going to need some things (a belt to connect her with the treadle, a table to set on and something to hold the spool of thread! mechanically though she seems and sounds fine. we'll see!

when i was in Kansas at the quilt show in june i bought the martelli table. it took 8 weeks to get here but i think it was worth it. the table not only raises and lowers electronically but tilts on either side. it came with its own mat and cutting equipment and an ergonomic cutter. i also got a rotary mat cutter  that has a round unit that you just place on it to iron on. my sister and bil bargained him down to $25 for (a $100 value) and gave it to me as a gift. as a special for the show they also threw in all the templates they had. they're in that bag to the right of the table! I'm hoping this will help my back. i love the ergonomic cutter. it works wonderfully!

i made these pincushions off the Missouri star quilt company's tutorial. one for me and one for my sister. the one on the left was my first one and you would not believe the trouble i had! once i started to put it together wrong i just couldn't seem to stop. i had to unsew it and put it together 4 different times! i think the funniest one was when i put the tail in the front instead of in the back. it looked suspiciously male but everyone knows there no such thing as a male chicken! the mister looked at me while i pulled apart yet another seam and said, "there's only 4 sides to that. how many times can you do it wrong?" i didn't tell him how many.......the second one i was very careful with and it not only took me only 1/2 hour to make but no mistakes. whew!!!

this is a yard sale BARGAIN that i found last weekend. this is not even half of what i bought. she was selling 4 boxes and 3 gallon freezer bags STUFFED with material. i took it all for $26. all of it was (were?) name brand quilt quality material. there has to be about 500 6" squares. my favorite thing to make is I Spy quilts so i am in fabric heaven. i don't know what this girl does for a living but the strips were from 2-4 inches wide with most of them about 3-3.5 inches. there were hundreds of them. i also got an entire box of batik strips and an entire box of moda plain material strips. she said she was cleaning out her stash.... i still can't believe i got such a bargain. what a nice young girl she was too! she was in her late 20s to 30 years old. i was so excited i didn't even get her name and i should have. to top it all off she had a huge yard (fenced in) full of delightful chickens. my obsession with chickens continues to grow. the mister is worried that i'll start wanted live ones.....he should be worried!
 this is my new table setting. i bought this rooster at a flea market in Kansas. i love it on my table!
I'm going to end with the wonderful Wells state park campground we stayed at in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. it was peaceful and beautiful and the mister, nora jean and i loved it. today i am so thankful that our rv is fixed, that we've had a wonderful summer weather wise and that going to yard sales has been such fun and is becoming an obsession. we never bothered with them until we moved to the beautiful white mountains in NH. i am also thankful for nora jean's continued good health. she will be 13 on October 1st. mmmmmm what can i get or make her that she doesn't already have??? hugs, nancyb

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