Friday, March 23, 2012

i'm new to blogging!

hi there! i'm new to blogging but figure i'll learn things along the way. i'm a quilter and crafter. my favorite things to quilt are I Spy quilts. i've made at least twenty of them. i plan on opening an etsy shop and am thinking about also doing a podcast about my quilting, crafting and life in general. i live on 50 acres in northern new hampshire in the great white mountains. the other day there were 14 deer in my backyard! my husband and i own a maine coon cat named nora jean who loves here new home but wants to go out! we've been living in our little retirement home since december. we are empty nesters with 2 grandkids. well, thats all for now. i'm going to try to open a website for myself and get on the etsy site and see what i need to do there. i think my biggest problem will be getting the pictures right. i'll try to check in once a day and blog several times a week. bye for now, nancyb

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