Saturday, March 31, 2012

i've been busy and still no pictues!

march 31, 2012
although i'm retired, i seem to be as busy as when my 3 sons were growing up! life is so interesting! this week i've made 3 dolly quilts. they are cute and fun to make. i promise i will get my act together and post pictures of everything i've been talking about. my brother received his quilt and was quite surprised and happy. my sister and brother and i have always been close. growing up, they were my king and queen and i was their little princess. things weren't always rosy at our house but we always stuck togethr and had each other. i think that's why we have many good childhood memories! in my family, one thing EVERY woman did was some kind of craft. i loved going to my grandmother's house. she was a widow who had this small house that was really one huge craft house. she braided rugs, sewed quilts and clothes, knitted and crochet. she was a first grade teacher and also volunteered for many things. she was one of the original founders of camp waban which is a camp for the disabled. i can remember her stopping by my house and picking me up and taking me there to work with her for a few days at a time. i was never asked if i wanted to go, nor told that i was going ahead of time, but i don't remember ever minding. i had fun there and it made me appreciate how lucky i was to be healthy mentally and physically. chip and i had our sons volunteer for things (we let them choose what!) and they always seemed to get more out of it than the person or people they were helping. it is a good way to raise your children. well, off my soapbox! i am making a nice loaf of bread. i haven't bought bread since my oldest son gave me a bread machine for xmas. i figured out the cost and it is about 70 cents per large loaf. i make the country white most of the time because thats the easiest. we usually don't eat it all so i either make bread pudding with it or throw it out for the birds. i feel i'm still saving money as the good bread in the stores is between $3 and $4.  is anyone interested in the recipe? this week i'm working on organizing my sewing room......this is a new house and is only half finished. i'm also going to be making some more things to put in my etsy shop. (another thing on my to do list is to open up an etsy shop!) i'll talk to you all in a few days. enjoy your lives! nancyb

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