Thursday, April 26, 2012


i've been working on some aprons as gifts for friends. the bottom one is for my son andrew who sky dives. he asked me to make him one so he could use it to barbeque down at the jump site in style! i think it came out pretty good. the pink one is for my girlfriend who does yoga. altho it's not a fancy apron, i made one for myself and its so comfortable and covers your clothes. the straps don't bother your neck.  the top apron is for a bridal shower gift. i'm making pot holders and i've made a matching apron for the groom. i'll post it some time. how has everyone been? i'm slowly figuring out how to work this blog and its getting easier. i'd love to hear from someone if you're reading my blog. have a great day......i'm going to! nancyb

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