Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Sewing Studio, Tractor Man and Happy New Year!


I cannot believe it is already 2014! it seems like yesterday that we hit the new century mark of 2000. wow! the mister and I have been very, very busy fixing up our house. the tax man said that it is about 85% done and I agree with him. we now have closets and two finished bedrooms. I have taken a bunch of pictures of my quilting studio and will show them here. for me, its the most important room in the house!

when I was in Kansas in august with my sister for two weeks the mister (as a surprise) painted the walls in the basement. before I left we went down to home depot and I picked out my paint. it looks pink here but is a lilac. now, I am NOT a purple girl, especially light purple! I had picked out a nice light teal from paint chips before I left for the store, but when I got there I totally forgot all about it and picked out this color. I still don't know what drove me to do it! the mister worked really hard in really hot weather to surprise me when I got home. when he proudly took me downstairs I was speechless. this was not the color I had ever even thought about having for any room! EVER! I hinted that maybe he could do a little repainting? but the look I got said no......I was stuck with my choice. well, I did thank the mister most sincerely for his hard work and sadly put up my original curtains until I could get some new material to make new curtains to match these awful walls. lo and didn't look bad! I added a few more of my decorations and well, it kind of tampered down the PURPLE and made it look soft and light. as each day passed I liked it more and more and so did the mister! my original curtains actually go great with the walls! as time has gone by and we are finishing more and more down stairs, we are actually liking the walls. yeah!

the upper picture is the wall to the right of my sewing machine and window and the bottom picture is what's to the left of my windows. the blocks on the design wall are from a class I took with Karen Combs 4 years ago! it was a really great class and I learned some new stuff! I want to finish this in 2014 because I really do love it! the dress form is one I made of my granddaughter so that I can make her things without trying them on her. I haven't tried it out yet but hope to be making her pj's this week and maybe a skirt.

this design wall is next to my cutting table (my quilting studio is 1/2 of our basement). this has all of my machine quilting samples up on it. I actually use this one a lot. every time I machine quilt I go to the wall first and check out my samples. I have taken 4 or 5 machine quilting classes and when I've made a sample I've written right on the cloth. it's helpful. I have signed up for several craftsy classes and plan to add to my board as I make the samples. I am really rusty with my machine quilting. I was doing so great with it but haven't done anything interesting or  innovative for a couple of years. I hope it will be like riding a horse???
 these are two of my bookcases. the one on the left has only quilt books and the one on the right has my reading books. I have donated about half of what I had in both reading and quilting books. I can use our library or my ipad to download books now and wanted to free up the space. I have two more book cases. one has instructional books and dvd's on it and the other has my quilt magazines. I have also downsized these by half.
and finally (this is not all of my room!) the plastic boxes you see are material that I cut up while I was taking care of my mother. between the 4 hours of driving and visiting her 3-4 hours every day, I had no energy to quilt, so I would come down to my studio and just cut material. it centered me and made me calm. I now have time to grab a box and start making scrappy quilts which are all I practically ever make anyway. i'll give you a tour of the rest of my space on the next blog. it is still a work in progress but really useable and workable right now! we have radiant heat floors in the basement as well as the main floor and the garage so we are toasty warm wherever we are! I will also add some pictures of our finished rooms on the main floor for you to see.                                                                                                                              
this is our latest purchase. it is a 1953 ford golden jubilee tractor. the guy up the street was selling it and since the mister is so mechanically handy we are sure he can keep it running. he is really excited about it and we both know it can be used on our fifty acres. I think I will start calling the mister TRACTOR MAN. what do you think? I think it fits him perfectly!

well, I will sign off for now but will try to blog in just a few days. I have so much to fill you in on! I am grateful for the new year and our health. nora jean is 12 now and got very sick around thanksgiving. what a scare. we found a really nice vet in the area and she took good care of nora. she is on the mend and acting more like herself. we are grateful for that. today I love my sewing studio, the mister, nora jean and our new tractor. have a great day and I will too! nancyb

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