Saturday, January 25, 2014

Things I Did in 2013

Is everybody staying warm? we are, but just barely! it was 6 degrees when I got up this morning and that's the warmest its been here in a week. I can't remember such a cold winter! we are fortunate that we put in extra batting in our eaves and increased the size of our biasi furnace last year. we are not using much propane compared to everyone else around here but our wood pile is going down fast.



 Looking through my pictures, I was surprised at how much quilting and sewing that I accomplished last year! this one is my favorite. my son Andrew's good friend is a buyer for brooks brothers and saved me a whole bunch of shirt material samples that she had. I came across this pattern on the internet and wanted to try it. I still had a bunch of old jeans from my grandson Paxton's quilt and decided it was perfect for this project. it was fun to make. it was a quilt as you go process so I was able to make it as large as I wanted. I was tempted to make it fit the bed but it was getting way too heavy so I made it twin size. it looks really great on the bed and will be a great "drag around" quilt.

 I never showed you Kendall's birthday quilt! I made curtains from material she picked out for her room and with this quilt her room looks great! there is nora jean putting her kitty love into the quilt before I quilted it. she loves quilts and kendall.

this is an I spy quilt I made for my son Gregory's office. he is a school councilor and loves his job. this is the first quilt I have ever pieced by hand. once I got going on it, it was really a lot of fun. I took the patches with me to my sister's house in august and worked on them there and while waiting for my plane connections. I fussy cut some things that I thought his kids could relate to. there is an I spy patch of a man with dark hair and glasses and everyone picks it out as Mr Y-B! I've made so many
I Spy quilts (at least 30!) but I discovered when I made this with the English paper piecing method the edges you sew are all on the bias so you can fit the hexies wonderfully. I machine quilted it to give it strength and I put a cool kitty material on the back. all in all, a success!
this is a wall hanging I made for my niece's birthday. I hardly ever buy kits because I like to put my own color scheme into things. this ufo kit had to be quite old and a really good price for me to buy it. they are the colors that my niece, Cynthia, likes so I decided to make it for her. the directions were so confusing and terrible! if I bought this as a new quilter there's no way I could have made it. I finally had to just look at the colored picture on the front and use that as a guide because the directions were that bad! it was really cute when it was finished but I hope whoever was selling this kit has improved the directions on it!
this last quilt was a "mile a minute" quilt. I just had to try it! it was fun to make and so quick! I did the entire quilt in about 8 hours and that was just taking my time and enjoying the process. I thought it looked too plain so I machine quilted big flowers on it and it really dressed it up. I gave it to a good friend as a gift for her wedding. it's lap quilt size and should make a good "throw" quilt. she and her new husband were traveling by car across the country to their new home so I wanted something she could use right away and would be easy to pack. this is a great beginners quilt or if you're like me, some days you just want to sew!

well, its time to make the mister and myself some breakfast. oatmeal or eggs and toasts? mmmmmm big decisions when you're retired!!!! today I love the fact that winter is half over and we have survived it quite well thank you!

p.s. we caught a total of 8 squirrels last week and dropped them off 3 miles up the road in the national forest. we now have 2 more in our back yard. did they find their way back or are they new? I wanted to spray paint their little butts after we caught them and before we released them but the mister said NO! regardless, these two aren't climbing up our siding to get to our birdfeeders. the blue jays seem to have gone with the squirrels. so for now, things are peaceful up here in the wonderful white mountains of nh. our little birds and woodpeckers are enjoying the homemade suet and birdseed and we are enjoying watching them. if the feeder gets too low the little guys sit on our windowsill peeking into the kitchen. like their saying.....helloooo! we're out of food here!  have a great day and I will too. nancyb




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