Monday, January 6, 2014

The Sewing Room part 2 and my I SPY baggies

January 6, 2014

Well I'm back as promised and will be trying to write on my blog regularly. I have had a lot going on for 2013 and want to share it with you. I've taken more pictures of my sewing studio. the mister is working on my ceilings. he has a little more wiring to do and then will put the tiles up. what little he has done looks so good! it really finishes the room.

the walls will eventually be painted and the ceiling done with added overhead lights. I haven't decided whether I will put a floor down. the cement floor is easy to sweep and with the radiant heat they are nice and toasty to walk on. I like that I can wheel my chairs around from machine to machine without effort. the middle picture shows a wonderful floor mat that the mister spent big bucks on for my birthday. I stand on that while I'm cutting and am quite comfortable. thank you mister!!!

well, this weekend I worked on some I spy things that my niece asked me to make for one of her best friends who had twins about a year ago. they came out really cute and I'm thinking of putting some in my etsy shoppe. my shop is currently closed but I will hopefully be reopening it soon.

the bottom picture is the back of them. I used fleece and lined them with felt. I sewed them twice on the seams and hopefully they are really sturdy for little hands. they are about 1 year old now so  i'll be curious as to how they'll like them. my niece wanted to pay me but I asked her to fill out a questionnaire that I can use for reference when I make more of these instead. I had all of the material because I had made my great niece (her daughter) one to play with in the car. she enjoyed it and still has it. this style was a lot easier and quicker to make. sammi's took me an entire day to make! this one only took me about 4 hours. now that I've made two, I think it will probably take a minimum of half that time. I'm anxious to see what they think of them. any opinions out there? they were fun to make!
well, I am hard at work finishing up UFO'S. it feels great to get them done! i'll put in more pictures the next time I write. they weather has been REALLY awful. I cannot remember it ever being 20 below zero!!! we had to add some space heaters to our rooms to keep the temperature up. thank heavens it wasn't windy too! it poured an icy rain today and will be freezing tonight and tomorrow. it should be a slippery ride! its time to make supper so i'll sign off for now. i'll write very soon again. I need to share with you the Christmas gifts that I made. it was so nice to have the time to make things! today I love warm and toasty floors, the birds all over our feeders (made them their own yummy cake and their own suet) and how beautiful it is up here in the white mountains. .have a wonderful day and I will too.

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