Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

June 30, 2012
I love this country! i have always been so proud to be an american and grateful that i live here! i don't have a place to hang my statue of liberty but by next july i should! right now i have it hanging on a railing so that i can at least admire it.
nora jean is sacked out on my large quilt which is on the back of my couch for the holidays. she looks comfy doesn't she! what are you doing for the holiday? we are still working hard on the house so we'll be spending the day here. last year we were able to see the fireworks from our kitchen window (where my little fire cracker wallhanging is) and i hope we'll be lucky this year.

we took an early morning "moose" ride this week and we were not disappointed! we were gone for 45 minutes and in that time saw a huge bull moose, a fox, a turkey, ducks, a hawk, and a young deer.
we live about 2 miles from the famous kancamagus highway (or better known up here as the kanc).  here is our moose trying to hide! they are such a docile and patient long as you don't threaten them or get in their space. he was right on the side of the highway so we were no more than 10 feet from him. as long as we stay in the car and are quiet he's fine with us taking pictures. he tried to hide when another car pulled up along side of us to see what we were looking at. they got out of their car! he tried to hide behind this tree and then ambled off into the woods.

 well this week i've done quite a bit of sewing. i started a scrap quilt using my accuquilt and my "kiddie" prints. i liked the way it was turning out so well that i started working on a quilt i'll be making for our bedroom using the same pattern that i made up. i'm in no hurry to make either quilt since they are for my pleasure. it's nice to relax and just sew for the heck of it! i don't do that often enough. i'll post some pictures of my blocks when i get some together. right now i'm cutting and sewing squares together. i love doing that. i was watching a tutorial on the Missouri Star Quilt site and they had the CUTEST I Spy quilt. they are my favorite quilts to make and i've made dozens of them in all sizes. this was I Spy in a Jar. i'll be making at least one of them. check out the site. its wonderful.
today is another gorgeous day up here. there's a nice breeze wafting in from the windows.....not too hot or cold. i can tell i'm going to have a great day and i hope you do the same! nancyb

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