Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm a quilter and this is a quilting blog (sort of)

June 21, 2012

hi everyone! is it as hot where you are as it is here? it's 90degrees and i have NO air conditioning! i do have a new refrigerator in my house that has an ice cube maker and water tap. i have to say that it is an awesome thing to have. everyone said we'd love it and we do! this hot weather will only last for a few days and if it keeps up i'll go down to the swift river and take a swim (unfortunately i can't find my bathing suit!). we still have a lot of unpacking to do but our closets aren't done so i've got things stuffed whereever i can find a spot.

i feel like i haven't made this a proper quilt blog (mixed with mountains and animals and woods) so i'm going to put a few pictures in today that say a bit about myself. this bookcase quilt was a challenge that my guild i belonged to on the seacoast presented. we had to make a wallhanging that said something about ourselves. i was in the mood to make another bookcase quilt and so i made this. each shelf represents 20 years of my life. if you look at it closely there's quite a bit of information in there. i plan on eventually adding one more shelf to represent my retirement years, our new house and living up north. i have it on my wall in my sewing room and like to look at it. any questions? just ask!
the next picture is our maine coon cat nora jean sitting on my quilt chest that my sister gave me as a retirement present. she's laying on my  husbands amish quilt (i made him that but don't like amish colors myself). she is insistent on laying on my quilts, especially my WIPs. i think she feels she's helping me and gets quite quiet and bummed out if i don't let her lay on them. i have to keep my beautiful chest covered because she lays on it whether there's a quilt on top of it or not.  its glass and i don't want her to scratch it. i haven't been able to convince her that we didn't put it there for her to sleep on. she is a good cat tho and we love her and spoil her. we've had her 10 years already! i keep wanting to get her a little dog to keep her company but the mister isn't going for it right now. i figure i'll wear him down! nora likes dogs and little kids but HATES other cats! it's the only time we see her show any aggression.

i went to another meeting of the material girls of conway and we made out mystery quilt. they have material there that you can take for these projects but i found something in my stash that i used instead. it came out cute and some little child will love it. they have someone who machine quilts and sews the binding on the quilt tops so you just get to make the top. that's the best part! i also finished my bowtie quilt and will be putting that in my etsy shoppe. if anyone is interested in checking out my shoppe its under nancyb or sewingontheswift. i still have quite a few things to add to it but one thing at a time!
well we've had some very interesting wild animal tales to tell this week but i don't want this to be too long. i'll definitely tell you about it in the next blog! have a great week and i will too. nancyb

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